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terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012

I am not an intellectual like these youngsters. I never was. I am not at all interested in theories about cinema. I am only interested in images and people and sound. I am really a very simple person - Claire Denis - 2010

I was never very interested in my own experience, I think in fact, if my films have a common link, maybe it's being a foreigner - it's common for people who are born abroad - they don't know so well where they belong. It's not the kind of thing you find in literature, music or photography - being from abroad makes you look different.

I would not say the word bourgeois, but I always consider that to make a film - all that energy, all that money - was to put the camera in the direction of the people I want to see and not the people I watch on TV. I don't speak of the opposition between bourgeois and not bourgeois because there are some aspects of the bourgeoisie that you don't see on TV either, you know. I think to make a film, the minimum is to be solidaire, how do you say that in English - solidaire?


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